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Real estate agent in Eagle Vale is presenting current property market update.

There are 71 houses for sale in Eagle Vale. The median house price is currently $808,500, with annual capital growth of 20.7%. In the last year, there have been 62 house sales. Houses are on the market for an average of 18 days.

If you’re considering purchasing a property to live in or an investment property in Eagle Vale, keep in mind that rental yields for houses are currently 3.19%, with a weekly median rent of $460.

Eagle vale property market report

-No of House available for sale is 14

-No of House available for rent is 14

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Little Overview of Eagle Vale
A hidden gem of South West Sydney. Eagle Vale is tucked away in the Campbelltown council area and often overlooked for first home buyers.

Eagle Vale is located 56 kilometers south-west of Sydney’s CBD and is part of the Campbelltown local government area in the Macarthur region.

-Eagle Vale Marketplace
-Campbelltown shopping center nearby
-Close to all local conveniences
-Excellent local shops as well for groceries.
-Lots of restaurants within a short drive and close to public transport.

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ALL DATA SOURCE: https://www.realestate.com.au/

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