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Australia Property Market Outlook in 2024

What will happen to Sydney Property House Prices in 2024?

The latest PropTrack report reveals a 5.5% rise in Australia home prices in 2023, with Sydney property value experiencing an 8.3% increase. Forecasts for 2024 anticipate further growth in Sydney +2% to +5%, attributing it to strong demand and constrained supply.

Sydney house prices 2024 forecast : Market Spotlight

Sydney real estate value in 2024

Australia's Resilient Property Market in 2023

The strength and pace of Australia's market rebound in 2023 surprised many experts, defying expectations of a decline in national home prices. Despite surging interest rates and historically low housing affordability, the market demonstrated resilience, with home prices rising by 5.5% year-to-date.

Key Trends Shaping for Australian Property Market in 2024

Sales Rebound: A strong rebound in sales volumes commenced in early 2023 and continued throughout the year, showcasing increased buyer activity.

Supply and Demand Dynamics: Limited supply and heightened buyer competition persisted, driven by low property availability. New listings increased, especially in Sydney and Melbourne, but did little to moderate price growth.

Shift in Buyer Preferences: Escalating costs of new home builds redirected demand towards established housing, creating a potential long-term challenge for the market.



As we venture into 2024, the Australian property market, particularly in Sydney property market, promises continued growth fueled by unyielding demand and constrained supply. Investors and homebuyers alike should keep a keen eye on these trends, seizing the opportunities presented in this dynamic real estate landscape.

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